22 Jun 2010

Saving the planet one energy company at a time - kinda

A major energy company has offices in the building where I work. This energy company are currently promoting a 'green' campaign and have filled the lobby with banners, bunting and energy-friendly paraphernalia like cardboard trees telling us in bright bold lettering how we can help save the planet by taking alternative modes of transport to get to work, re-using plastic bags and switching off lights and computers.

This company have offices on the second, third and fifth floor of the nine storey building. The entrance lobby is on the first floor. The stairwell door is right beside the first elevator. Our office is on one of the highest floors, so we often share elevators with staff from other firms in the building.

It's been two years since I started working here. I haven't seen one person from this 'green' energy company use the stairs yet.

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